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What is Sterling Silver?

The official designation of “Sterling” to a piece of Silver indicates that it contains at least 92.5% of pure Silver. The remaining 7.5% comprises of other metal alloys.  The second alloy is required to ensure the metal’s stability and resilience.


Why does Sterling Silver Tarnish?

Sterling Silver will tarnish. This is not a defect but the result of a natural chemical process that occurs when Sterling Silver is exposed to materials containing sulphur and acids (such as those found in sweat and skin oils). Anything, from medication, perfume or the ph balance of a person’s skin, can affect the extent of tarnishing to a piece of jewellery. Humid environments will also accelerate tarnishing. It is important to clean and care for your jewellery regularly to prevent any tarnish or discolouration from occurring.

Special Sterling Silver is tarnish resistant, because it contains different metal alloys, this is the silver we use in our 'Unique Angeline Quinn Products'.


Cleaning Your Jewellery

There are several ways you can clean and maintain your Sterling Silver items. Please note that different types of jewellery should be cleaned using different methods. We recommend using silver polishing cloth to clean jewellery that is set with gemstones.  Jewellery that is not set with stones can be cleaned in a sterling silver dipping solution. These are highly effective in removing tarnish and surface dirt from your jewellery and bringing it back to life.  Blackened / oxidised designs of jewellery should not be cleaned using a silver dipping bath or polished with a silver cloth as these may remove the blackening.


Other Silver Care Tips

When it comes to Sterling Silver jewellery it is always best to avoid wearing it in water, in particularly swimming pools and spas, as chlorine can damage your jewellery in a very short time.  Be aware that wearing your jewellery while doing housework, gardening or during sports will wear away at it.  This is most important in regards to stone sets and in particular crystal set jewellery. Some of our crystal set pieces are set in specialised glue that does not react well with water or everyday “chemicals” such as shampoos or perfume.  Perfume and hairspray can remove the sheen and the brilliance of the jewellery.  For this reason, it is advisable to use perfume, hairspray and other cosmetics before putting on your jewellery.  Pearls should not come into contact with perfume, make-up or hairspray. Their coating is damaged by alcohol or other solvents.  They should be stored separate from other jewellery, ideally in a fabric pouch or wrapped in a soft cloth.  This will prevent your pearls being scratched.